Pandora´s first visit for some love & care

After receiving the quote and agreeing what was needed, Ricardo & I returned to Pandora to spend a couple days working from the boat before heading back to our regular routine. We arrived on a Sunday and worked from on board after taking advantage of the shower facilities at the port. W2016-07-14-12-51-32hile showering on board is fine, using the port means you don’t have to clean up and dry off the bathroom on board. And while Ricardo is like a brother to me, I don’t fancy seeing him naked as he walks to his cabin to get dressed from the shower.

We didn’t sail Monday. Work drained us both a bit and Monday’s are always the hardest day of the week I feel.

We worked Tuesday the 12th of July until lunch time, and after checks,
we motored over to Yatesport at Punta Lagoa where we agreed to have lunch before delivering the boat for the wor
ks. To our surprise, they now tell us they couldn’t start work on the boat until the following week. This frustrated me as we had agreed start and end dates and I had my holidays with my kids planned to start in a few weeks. I wanted the boat reviewed before then.

We agreed to deliver the boat Friday and enjoyed the rest of the week working during the day from the boat, and going sailing and fishing in the afternoons. Night falls way past 10pm this time of year in Vigo, so we could make the most of it.


Fishing was without any luck but we did do some great cross wind and downwind sailing around the Atlantic and Islas Cíes. Ricardo was starting to get the hang of sailing and started to truly enjoy it, despite him doing most of the work on the ropes

For me the fishing part is not so much about trying to catch fish, but more about being with friends, enjoying a cold beer on a
hot summer afternoon, and conversing about all kinds and weird and wonderful 2016-07-13-22-07-44things.

We ended up sailing back to Punta Lagoa on Thursday afternoon to be able to work from that port on Friday without interruption and speak with the guys to ensure the work would get done in time.

Pandora was pulled out and she was to receive a “check up”, repair of the navigation lights (which didn’t work), polishing of the hull, a coat of anti-foul, new anodes, service of the engine, servicing of the auxiliary boat outboard, check the pulleys and rigging, and an inspection to be able to quote new keel bolts and through hulls with taps.

I was to return in a few weeks.



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