More Licences & Studying

I’ve now started my “Capitán de Yate” (CY) licence (UK Ocean Master equivalent) with the school, “Blas de Lezo” – named after a Historical Sailor from the time of the Spanish Armada. Once I am qualified as a CY, this will allow me to sail without geographical limits. The hardest part so far in the course is remembering the trigonometry from high school and the mathematics associated with Astronomical Navigation.


The exams are expected to be in March or April for where I live, so I should have enough time to study along with the preparations for the HSK exams. This is associated with the learning of the Mandarin Chinese language and reading is the hardest part here so far.

Education and qualifications form part of my 10 year plan. I need the licence to be able to cross oceans and the experience the course provides with more experienced sailors than I do learn from others instead of making my own mistakes and learning that way. I’m bound to make some mistakes, but hopefully these will be trivial.


One thought on “More Licences & Studying

  1. I can´t wait to read your next post

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