Starting the Dream

This is a blog about my steps to retire and fulfill my dreams in the next 10 years. I’m now 43, living in Madrid, Spain, working for a German multinational and with twins, both now 6. My goal? I want to retire and sail around the world in a boat I’ll have to buy or build when my kids are 18 and start University. I’ll do this with my hopefully still Girlfriend then – Aurora. Any of the kids that want to join us on the adventure will be more than welcome – and I hope they’ll want to see the world with us.

The idea is, if I write this, I hope it will oblige me to commit to it and not vary off course. There is something about writing things down that just helps.

Anyhow, Welcome to my adventure!

In this blog, I’ll cover our viewpoint on economical advice on how to save and become financially independent (or hope to), boating licencing and experience, and perhaps some of the challenges of bringing up 4 kids (2 mine, & 2 Aurora’s) plus my German Shepard  in the same house on the outskirts of Madrid – some 350km from the nearest coast.

My check list task include getting fit and healthy, gaining the required license and permits, learning as much as we can from others and from our own experience, improving language skills, generating a source of self sufficient income, getting a suitable boat (with lot’s of storage for Aurora’s clothes;-) and of course whatever else it takes to make it happen – including making sure we all stay motivated.

From a boat licensing stand point, I have the Spanish PER (“Patrón de Embarcación de Recreo) with increased attributes to sail up to a 24m yacht 12 nautical miles from a coast or cross to the Balearic Islands (some 80 miles from Denia). I plan to start studying this month to get my “Patrón de Yate” – Yacht Master equivalent I believe. This will allow navigation up to some 150 nautical miles from the coast (as per the new legislation in Spain). It’s required before going for the “Capitán de yate” or Ocean Master equivalent – without boat size or distance limits. Required for Ocean crosses.

In July I gave the family their first day sail around the Alicante Coastline in a Bavaria33 I rented. The objective was to see how they handled themselves in a live boat, which they did with flying colors, to have a great day out and of course, I couldn’t wait to get back on the water.

The family crew at port before heading to sea

The family crew at port before heading to sea

Aurora, Patricia, Cristina, Paula & Oscar

Aurora, Patricia, Cristina, Paula & Oscar

The family's first anchorage

The family’s first anchorage

Aurora,  Paula & Oscar dragging their feet in the water.

Aurora, Paula & Oscar dragging their feet in the water.

Dad (me) & Cristina

Dad (me) & Cristina on her first outing



Wish us luck guys!